Optus Recharge for Prepaid Plans

Optus(Singtel Optus Pty Limited) is a telecommunication company based in Australia. The company is a subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications Limited(Singtel). Optus provides telephone, Internet, mobile network, and cable television services and is ranked as the second-largest wireless carrier in Australia. Singtel Optus Pty Limited has layout different Optus recharge methods for customers to log in & pay monthly plans charges or for payment of their prepaid internet service.

This is an important part of after-sale service for any company as a trouble-free billing process helps in retaining clients.

Optus Recharge Methods for Prepaid Customers

Select any one of the following methods to recharge Optus Bill prepaid balance:

My Optus App or My Account

Customers can use their credit or debit card to pay the bill charges via the My Optus App or My account Link. Furthermore, users can also set up automatic payments(Direct-Debit) for auto-renew or automatic payments.

Select “Billing tab” from the My Optus App, choose setup direct debit, and select your preferred payment method. Insert all the card detail and enter “Setup”.

Visit the My Account from the link below and select “Set up Direct Debit” or “Manage Direct Debit”.

Optus accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Checkout, American Express, and Diner’s cards.

The payment processing fee will be deducted automatically.


BPay requires an account number and biller code to process your payment. The account number is mentioned in the top right corner of your Optus Bill. And Biller code can be found on the right bottom of the bill.

In-person(Australia Post Office)

Vist any Australia Post office branch and pay your Optus bill via cash, cheque, money order, or Electronic Fund transfer(EFTPOS).

A Bill payment slip is required to complete the payment process at Australia Post Office. You can find post bill pay information on the first page of the bill.

Note: Payment is completed in 24 hours and around $1.75 fee will be deducted.

Optus Recharge By Phone

Customers can call on 1300 309 309 and use their debit or credit card for payment. A small amount of around 0.385% will be subtracted from your account.


How much time does it take for the Optus Bill payment to process?

The time payment process via credit card or debit card sometimes takes up to 2 business days.

How do avoid Direct Debit Fees?

Non Direct debit fees can be avoided by setting up a direct debit.

How to get old Optus bills?

The bills for 7 years are available to view. Users can get their old bills by simply logging in to the Optus account and checking out the “bills and payment” section. Download them now and see what’s going on with all of those charges.